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Logo Lamy Expertise - italiano Welcome We are present in Ticino and
throughout Switzerland.
30 years of neutrality and independence
in the service of real estate appraisal.

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environmental expertise, energy efficiency, safety and technical expertise in construction, value assessment of real estate and economic expertise, waste recycling and environmental monitoring of construction projects


Our company, created in 2007 and based in Lausanne, supports you in your real estate projects in Switzerland. Thanks to our global consultative approach and our team of experts, Lamy Expertise offers you comprehensive, multidisciplinary, neutral and independent support.

A global approach to real estate appraisal in Switzerland

Our multidisciplinary approach comes from more than 30 years of expertise in real estate in Switzerland, France and Europe. Thus, the services we offer focus on four key aspects of the real estate sector:


  • Management of economic issues with the value assessment of movable and real estate assets;
  • Technical expertise in structures and construction safety;
  • The energy efficiency evaluated by our CECB experts;
  • Environmental expertise, in particular with construction site waste management and asbestos diagnostics.


The real estate expertise of our team based in Switzerland and our ability to offer comprehensive support allow you to call on a single professional competent in all relevant matters.

Lamy Expertise - Environmental expertise
Lamy Expertise - Real estate expertise

Proximity: an asset for meticulous support

Proximity is one of the values that we hold dear. It gives us the advantage of being able to offer our customers personalized support. Having our base in Lausanne has allowed us to develop real estate expertise in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.
Each service we offer respects Swiss and European standards. Our CECB experts are therefore entitled to make objective energy performance diagnoses according to the Swiss criteria of the Cantonal Energy Certificate for Official Buildings. This geographic proximity is accompanied by strong values, which are at the heart of our services. Lamy Expertise offers global real estate expertise and guarantees its customers neutrality, independence and respect for the environment.

Environmental Expertise: Building Pollutants

Asbestos diagnostics, air quality analysis, search for lead and other pollutants, monitoring of materials’ removal work.

Lamy Expertise - Building pollutants
Lamy Expertise - Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency: Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings

CECB expertise: objective assessment of the energy status and efficiency of a building.

Safety and Technical Expertise in Construction

Expertise in reinforced concrete structures, audit of air conditioning and heating, cracks and humidity, assistance in the event of a dispute.

Lamy Expertise - Technical expertise in construction
Lamy Expertise - Economic expertise

Assets and Economic Expertise

Market value of real estate, value assessment of all types of real estate and movable assets.

Waste Recycling and Environmental Monitoring of Construction Projects

Construction site waste management: audit, management and monitoring plan.

Lamy Expertise - Environmental monitoring of construction projects