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Energy efficiency in Switzerland: our CECB expertise

The CECB Expertise: Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings

What is the CECB?


The CECB is the Cantonal Energy Certificate for official buildings. It shows on the one hand the efficiency of the building envelope, on the other hand the amount of energy required for a building used in a standard way. This is valid for existing buildings as well as for new constructions. The defined energy requirement is displayed with an energy label on a scale from A to G (from “very energy efficient” to “not very energy efficient”). Thus, you, as a proprietor, can obtain an objective assessment of the energy status and efficiency of your building.


Why the CECB Certificate?


  • The CECB provides information on the energy status of a property as well as on the energy improvement potential of the building envelope and technique.
  • The CECB offers the owner, in the event of a sale or rental decision, more transparency regarding energy costs and thermal comfort.
  • The CECB is identical for the whole of Switzerland. All CECB certified buildings can be compared at a glance.


Our CECB expert look at existing buildings as well as new constructions.

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