Our Team

The Lamy Expertise team

Board of Directors


Philippe Lamy

President Director
Lamy Expertise – François Besençon

François Besençon

Lamy Expertise – Rémy Berzin

Rémy Berzin


Jean-Paul Rey



Lamy Expertise – Gerald Carrupt

Gerald Carrupt

Director Lamy Expertise Survey & Appraisal SA
Lamy Expertise – Sébastien Reuille

Sébastien Reuille

Director Lamy Expertise Ticino
Alexandre Wicht

Alexandre Wicht

Associate Director - Lamy Expertise Fribourg

Our Experts

Lamy Expertise – Smaïn Nedjari

Smaïn Nedjari

Building pollutants expert (asbestos, lead, PCB) STEB FACH ASCA certified
Lamy Expertise – Béatrice Cechinn

Béatrice Cechinn

Surveying engineer, building pollutants expert (asbestos, lead, PCB, radon) ASCA certified (Ticino)
Lamy Expertise – Luca Lorenzo Lago

Luca Lorenzo Lago

Engineer, building pollutants expert (asbestos) ASCA Friends
Lamy Expertise – Filipe Veloso

Filipe Veloso

Civil engineer, environnemental expert (asbestos, lead, PCB, radon, CECB)
Lamy Expertise – Nicole Dewarrat

Nicole Dewarrat

Energy advisor and CECB Expert
Lamy Expertise – Joyca Grondin

Joyca Grondin

Technician building pollutants (asbestos)


Lamy Expertise – Zadria Berzin

Zadria Berzin

Administration and finance assistant
Lamy Expertise – Djamila Boulma

Djamila Boulma

Collaborator customer support